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The Franco Alessandrini Cultural Museum

(Sansepolcro (AR) Tuscany, Italy)

Franco Alessandrini Cultural Museum Sansepolcro Italy Art

The Franco Alessandrini Cultural Museum is located in Sansepolcro, Italy which is in the village where the artist was born. The museum houses a permanent collection of Alessandrini’s works and offers a place for young artists to showcase their talent.

811 Howard Gallery

(New Orleans, Louisiana, United States)

The 811 Howard Gallery is located in the Arts District in Downtown New Orleans. It has been home to numerous exhibits of Franco Alessandrini’s paintings and sculptures since 1998.

The Flatiron Gallery

(Fort Worth, Texas, United States)

Franco Alessandrini Flatiron Gallery Fort Worth Texas art

The Flatiron Gallery is located in the Historic Flatiron Building in Downtown Fort Worth. The first floor gallery  houses several Alessandrini murals and sculptures. The “Panther Fountain” sculpted by the artist is located at its’ entrance.

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