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Franco Alessandrini
813 Howard Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70113




1963 Graduated from Instituto D’Arte, Art Institute of Florence, Italy. Studied Painting, Sculpture and the Ancient Technique of Fresco


Public Works

2022    Hands of Humanity, 7.5 foot sculpture of clasped hands, Sculpted in Travertine Marble, Touro Hospital, Prytania                      Entrance, New Orleans


2021    Egg, Installation, 3.5 tall fiberglass egg hanging from the Arco della Pesa, Sansepolcro, Italy


2018    Monument to the Latino Worker, 12 foot Bronze placed on 6 foot White Carrara Marble base, Crescent Park along                  Mississippi Riverfront, New Orleans


  St. Pope John Paul II, Life-Size statue in White Carrara Marble, Placed in front of St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans


2017    Wild Bunch, Portrait of five of histories’ most wanted train robbers including Butch Cassidy, Cast in Bronze, Flatiron                Building, Fort Worth, Texas


2014    Monument to the Veterans, Life Size Statue Cast in Bronze, Opelousas, Louisiana


2013    Monument to the Flag Throwers, 21 foot tall image of Flag Thrower cut from Corten steel, painted and placed in a                  rotunda, Wind driven rotation, Sansepolcro, Italy


2011    Il Barocciaio, Image of horse drawn cart and driver cut from Corten steel, placed in a rotunda, Santa Fiora,                                  Sansepolcro, Italy


2009    Displaced, Installation of 30 foot Sailboat Installation on my studio roof, an original public art work commissioned by                the Arts Council of New Orleans on behalf of the Joan Mitchell Foundation, on loan to the City of New Orleans (2009 –            2011)


2008    La Merlettaia, Honors the Women who maintain the Tradition of Lace Making, Life-Size Statue Cast in Bronze, Italy       

            Monument to Fr. Verbis LaFleur, Sculpted in White Carrara Marble, 16 feet tall, Opelousas, Louisiana


            Garibaldi, Bronze Bust, Sansepolcro, Italy


2002    Panther Fountain, Sculpted in Black and Grey Marble, Hyde Park, Fort Worth, Texas


1999    Mayor Marc Morial, Bust in Bronze, Old City Hall, New Orleans, Louisiana


1995    Monument to the Immigrants, Sculpted in White Carrara Marble, 20 feet tall, Woldenberg Park on the Mississippi                    River, New Orleans, Louisiana


1994    Monument to Luca Pacioli, Honoring the Anniversary of the Publication of his “Suma” in 1494, Sculpted in White                    Carrara Marble, 14 feet tall, Sansepolcro, Italy 


1992    Monument to Christopher Columbus, Sculpted in White Carrara Marble, 14 feet tall and is set in a fountain, Baton                  Rouge, Louisiana      




2021    Angel, Life-Size, Sculpted in White Carrara, Metairie Cemetery, Metairie Louisiana


2019    Second Line, Basso-Relief in White Carrara Marble, 31 X 49 inches, Private Collection, San Francisco, California


2017    Resurrection, Painting on Canvas, 60 X 80 inches, Private Collection, Sansepolcro, Italy


2015    Jazz, Basso Relief in White Carrara Marble, Private Collection, New Orleans


2014    Palio, Designed and Painted the Flag for Società Balestrieri Sansepolcro, Italy


2012    Bust of Industry Owner, Cast in Bronze, Sansepolcro, Italy


2011    Savas Corporation Mural, Painted on canvas measuring 6 feet by 12 feet, Sansepolcro, Italy


2010    St. John Neumann, Life-Size Statue in Fiberglass, St. Alphonsus Church, Baltimore, Maryland


2008    Blessed Seelos, Life-Size Statue Cast in Bronze, Holy Cross College, Worcester, Massachusetts


            Blessed Seelos, Life-Size Statue Sculpted in Marble, St. Theresa Church, Abbeville, Louisiana


2007    Chess pieces carved in wood,  Derived from drawings of Leonardo DaVinci and Luca Pacioli, Introduced at the Uffizi              Gallery, Florence, Italy


            Murals painted for Entrance to the Flatiron BuildingDowntown, Fort Worth, Texas


2006    Music is the Voice of Hope, Poster for the New Orleans Opera     Association,  First season after Hurricane Katrina


2004    Blessed Seelos, Life-Size Statue Casted in Bronze, seated on bench, St. Mary’s Church, Annapolis, Maryland and 

            St. Mary’s Church New Orleans, Louisiana


2003    Blessed Seelos, Life-Size Statue Cast in Bronze, Pittsburgh, PA 


            Madonna with Child, Life Size Statue Sculpted in White Carrara Marble, Santa Maria Church, Sansepolcro, Italy


2002    Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Painted the Vaulted Ceiling of St. Mary’s Church, New Orleans, Louisiana


2001    Blessed Seelos, Life Size Statue Cast in Bronze, Blessed Seelos Center , New Orleans, Louisiana


            Blessed Seelos, Life Size Statue Sculpted in White Carrara Marble, Old Ursuline Convent, New Orleans, Louisiana


2000    Saint Francis of Assisi, Life Size Statue Sculpted in White Carrara Marble Monte Casale Monastery, Italy


            Fountain, Sculpted in Bardiglio Marble and Bronze, Aboca Herb Company (Tuscany), Italy


1999    5 Statues of Religious Women, Sculpted in White Carrara Marble, Old Ursuline Convent, New Orleans, Louisiana


            Crucifixion of Christ, Acrylic on Canvas, 9 feet by 5 feet Santa Maria Church – Melello – Sansepolcro, Italy


1998    Mardi Gras, Large Scale Murals, Le Meridien Hotel New Orleans, Louisiana  


1992    Dr. Mahmut Gazi Yaşargil,  Portrait in Bronze, Neurosurgeon of the Century

One Man Shows

2021    Cartoline dal Borgo,  Exhibit of Paintings created in New Orleans while in COVID Lockdown, Franco Alessandrini                  Cultural Gallery, Sansepolcro, Italy


            New Orleans, My Inspiration, Exhibit of Painting and Sculpture in Private Home, New Orleans


2019    Sgorbi, Paintings and Sculptures, Franco Alessandrini Cultural Association, Sansepolcro, Italy


            Scorbi, Paintings and Sculptures, 811 Howard Avenue Gallery, New Orleans


2016    La Battaglia di Anghiari, Homage to Leonardo Da Vinci, Painting, Sculpture and Drawings, Piazza Grande, Arezzo,                Italy


2015    Flowers, Paintings on display, Italian American Cultural Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana


2014    Jazz, Drawings, Franco Alessandrini Cultural Association, Sansepolcro, Italy


            Secondline, Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture, 811 Howard Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana


2013    Nudes, Franco Alessandrini Cultural Association, Sansepolcro, Italy 


2012    Picture ID, Large Scale Portraits, 811 Howard Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana


2011    Battaglia D’Anghiari, Homage to Leonardo Da Vinci” Exhibited Painting, Sculpture and Etchings, Anghiari, Italy 

2009    Exhibit, Paintings and sculpture,  Inter Continental Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana

2007    For the Love of Our City, Exhibit of Graphic Work, “The Signs of Fort Worth”, Fort Worth, Texas


            Gli Sacchi di Luca Pacioli, Exhibited Chess Pieces Sculpted in Wood, Derived from the drawings of Luca Pacioli and                Leonardo DaVinci, Uffizzi Gallery, Florence, Italy


2005    Nudes, 811 Howard Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana


2004    An Artist and His City, Retrospective show of paintings and sculpture, Sansepolcro, Italy


1997    Exhibited Paintings, Palazzo Inghirami – Sansepolcro, Italy


            Exhibited Paintings, 811 Howard Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana


            Exhibited Paintings, Festival of Nations, Citta di Castello, Italy

Group Shows 


2022    La Giostra Poetic, Corso Italia, Arezzo, Italy


2007    Il Ritratto, Show of Self Portraits, Gallery La Loggia, Sansepolcro, Italy


2005    Collective Show of 30 Artists, Sponsored by the Franco Alessandrini Cultural Association, Ferruccio Borchiellini                        Convention Center, Sansepolcro, Italy


2004    Fifth Biennale International Show of Sacred Art, Spain, France and Italy



2017    American Heritage Award, American Immigration Council


2016    Vessillo Piero della Francesca (Banner of Piero della Francesca), Awarded by the Sbandieratori (Flag Bearers) of                      Sansepolcro, Italy


2002    Man of the Year, Arts and Entertainment Award, Inducted to the Louisiana American Italian Sports Hall of Fame  


1984    Artist in Residence of the Italian Village, Louisiana World Exposition, New Orleans, Louisiana       


2019    Sansepolcro, Coffee Table volume of many of my paintings spied by by hometown of Sansepolcro, Italy as well as                    Public Sculptures


2018    New Orleans, Coffee Table volume of many of my paintings inspired by New Orleans as well as Public Sculptures


2012    Franco Alessandrini: Half a Century of Painting, Sculpting and Graphic Works, Catalogue of my life’s work

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